I wasn’t able to fit in any golf this week, so I thought I’d try a few exercises instead.  There is a vast array of articles and videos on the world wide web for anyone wanting to get fit or keep fit for golf, however some of these require specialist gym equipment (or a body made of rubber!!!).  I thought I’d keep it simple, so I’ve pickled out a series of exercises that Paul Schueren (Clinical Director for Physiotherapy Associates and the PGA Tour) published several years ago.

Abdominal Crunches: tighten your abdominal muscles before beginning the crunch and lift your upper body just high enough to create tension, taking care not to arch your back.

Frequency: 3 sets of 20, 3 times a week

Arm and leg lifts: lie on your stomach and raise your left arm and right leg off the floor.  Switch sides and repeat.

Frequency: 3 sets of 20, 3 times a week

Rotator Cuff Exercises: with your arms at your sides and thumbs pointing down, raise a 3lb weight shoulder high at a 30o angle. (If you don’t have weights you could use a bag of sugar (2.2lb)).  Turn your thumbs up to open your shoulders and repeat the raise.

Frequency: 3 sets of 10, 3 times a week

Exercise Band Exercises: attach an exercise band to a doorknob: stand perpendicular to the door with your elbow bent so your arm points forward.  Pull the band away from the door knob until your fist meets your stomach.  Turn your other shoulder to the door and, using the same arm as before, pull the band away from the door.

Frequency:  3 sets of 10, 3 times a week

Cardio Training: if you’ve got a treadmill or exercise bike Schueren recommends that you spend at least 30 minutes on it.  To maximise his bike time he attaches an elastic exercise band to the handlebars and does front and lateral shoulder raises while he pedals.  I think I’ll just concentrate on not falling off!

Frequency:  3 minutes, 3 times a week

Single-leg Mini-Squats: place one foot on a phone book with the other foot in the air.  Keeping your torso rigid, squat down until your free foot touches the ground.


Toe Raise Mini-Squat: starting upright, rise up onto your toes then bend your knees about 30o.  Return to an upright position, remaining on your toes the whole time.

Frequency: 3 sets of 10, 3 times a week

The thing that all of the exercise videos and articles had in common was the need to do these drills regularly.  I’ll be honest from the outset – I’ve only tried a few of these… I’ll let you know next week how I get on!