Our Club ran its first men’s competition since lockdown yesterday and I’m planning to play in the ladies’ first competition on Tuesday, so there are definite signs of progress.  The return to competitive golf means no more “gimmes” or spending five minutes searching in the rough – everything now must be played by the book – but, how well do you know the Rules of Golf?

You may remember that I shared some “Rules from the Garden” videos a few weeks ago.  At the beginning of lockdown Grant Moir of The R&A’s Rules Team was working from home, staring into his back garden, when he realised that he could recreate some of the situations that golfers often find themselves in, and so he decided to produce a series of videos explaining the relief options or penalties from a variety of situations.  Each video is around one and a half minutes long, so they’re easily watched.  I’ve picked out a couple that may prove useful.

What can you do if your ball comes to rest inside an empty crisp bag or behind a stone?  Are these moveable obstructions or loose impediments?  Does it matter?  YES!!!  As you’ll see, the rules for moveable obstructions and loose impediments are a little different, so it’s vital that you understand the rules in order to play the game correctly.  This short video explains what you can do.


What are your options if your ball ends up tight against a tree and you decide that it’s unplayable?  This short video shows where you can take relief.