Well, how did your one-handed chipping go? I’m sure that most of you found that one hand was much more successful than the other, but I was pleasantly surprised when I reverted to using two hands – I found that my shots were better than my original two-handed ones!  Practising in your garden is all very good, but it doesn’t prepare you for the tight lies you get around the green.  Hopefully we’ll not have to wait too long before we get back onto the course.

During the latter half of the week an e-mail popped into my in-box reminding me that our system of awarding and modifying handicaps is changing significantly in November.  How much do you know about the new World Handicap System?  Are you familiar with the terms slope rating, handicap index, score differential and bogey golfer?  Do you know that we’re doing away with CSSs and introducing PSSs?

If not, click here to read a very useful article by Today’s Golfer.

The good new is that the handicapping software will do all of the calculations for you, leaving you to concentrate on your shots!

We’ll not be using these cards after Monday 2nd November 2020 as our new cards will need to have our slope rating, but I wanted to have some sort of picture to brighten up this blog!