Braving the icy wind at the weekend, we had a surprisingly good time on the course.  It was just as well that we were the last group out on Saturday, as that meant no one witnessed us making fools of ourselves as we tried to master the “clapping exercise” one of my playing partners had watched recently.  We’d been blaming our less than perfect drives on the many layers were were wearing, however she tried to get us to improve our rotation by trying this exercise which involved placing our leading arm at two-o’clock and then swinging the other arm up to clap hands… it sounds a bit strange, but we made it look even stranger!  Anyway, we all had a good laugh at each other and then proceeded to bomb drives up the 13th.

I asked my friend to let me video her demonstrating the exercise for my blog, but she politely refused!  It got me thinking about quick fixes and so I turned to Maureen Madill, who often produces little nuggets of wisdom.  Here’s one which should help you to gain a few extra yards.