I had my first golf outing of 2020 on Thursday and the destination was Kilkeel Golf Club (great value for members of Dungannon GC – only £10, but phone ahead, mention the deal when booking and bring your GUI/ILGU card.)  I’ve played it several times and found it to be an interesting course, although the 90o dog leg opening hole is a little off-putting!  I was playing rightly until I sliced my drive off the fourth tee, into the trees.  I used to be a consistent slicer, but managed to get out of that habit after some lessons and hours of practice.

When I stood on the next tee, the realisation that the heavy traffic on the A2 was just a slice away made me nervous!  Fortunately my slice stayed away for the rest of the round, but when I noticed a video by Maureen Madill entitled “How to put paid to that slice” in my in-box I decided that it wouldn’t do any harm to spend a few minutes watching it.

I like Maureen’s videos because she explains everything slowly and clearly.  Have a look for yourself.