My driving had been going well, but on Monday I was invited to play Shandon Park with two low handicappers, so I was pretty nervous.  I got off to a decent start and drove the ball well for the first few holes, but then I sliced a few drives!  My golf wasn’t too bad in general, but I was a little unnerved by my erratic driving, so I asked my playing partners for advice.

My next golfing trip took me to Ardglass – if you’ve never played there you MUST put it on your list!  The locals told us that we’d picked the best day of the year!  The sun was shining and there was a light sea breeze which made the day comfortable and most enjoyable.  Unfortunately my erratic driving dispatched two balls into the Irish Sea on the same hole! Thankfully I didn’t lose any other balls during my round, but I wasn’t happy with my driving, so I was delighted to receive an email from one of Monday’s golfing partners with a link to the video below.   Well, I watched it and put it into practice the next time I played Dungannon and my first drive flew up the middle of the fairway.  In fact, I was happy with all of my drives. (I’m not saying they were great – just that they were an improvement!) I like Maureen Madill’s videos as she keeps things simple and only gives you one thing to think about.  So, if you want to improve your driving, watch this!