I’ve been watching old episodes of “Silent Witness” on BBC iPlayer recently and yesterday’s case revolved around a discontented wife who used her husband’s putter to batter him to death! Today I caught a few video clips of some of the impressive putts holed by Darren Clarke on his way to winning the Mitsubishi Electric Championship in Hawaii on the PGA Tour Champions.  Surely this is a sign that I should think about putting in this week’s blog?  Or maybe it’s simply a message that I shouldn’t leave my putter lying around the house in case someone loses their temper with me!!!

Seriously though, with golf courses and driving ranges off limits, there’s not much you can work on at the moment except putting.  Here’s Phil Mickelson’s “Best Putting Drill Ever”.  He spends a few minutes explaining the importance of getting your ball within 3 feet of the hole and then the rest of the video showing us how to practise to ensure that we know we’ll sink every putt that lands within that 3′ limit.

You may have to make adjustments at home, depending on what you’re using for a “hole”, however the principle is the same.