As the course was closed on Saturday, I decided that I’d better spend the time tidying the house…  but thankfully that idea soon evaporated!  Like a lot of workplaces we had a “Secret Santa” for staff and this year my Secret Santa came up trumps – I got a putting mat and chocolates!!!  (I was delighted since most of my floors are wooden or tiled, plus I love chocolate!)  So, on Saturday afternoon I got my putter out and confidently stood over my ball… after all, the mat’s just 6′ long so I was only attempting to hole a 5′ putt.

As you probably guessed, my first putt missed the hole, in fact it ended up in the water hazard!  My second wasn’t much better!

I decided that I needed some guidance so I turned to Maureen Madill’s You Tube channel and watched one of her instructional videos.  If you’ve been following this blog (rather than just opening and then deleting the email!) you might recognise these drills as I’ve shared this video before. Maureen, in her trademark “keep it simple” way, has some great advice and the drills can all be done without the need for any special equipment.  I like the final one with the cushion!