Now that we’re heading towards winter, the greens are becoming softer and a pitched ball is more likely to damage the surface.  Now, more than ever, it’s important that we all play our part in looking after our course, by repairing our pitch marks.  We all hate it when we roll the perfect putt towards the hole, only to see the ball bobble about and miss the cup by a millimetre!

Always carry a pitch mark repairer in your pocket and after you’ve fixed your mark, fix any others that you spot nearby.  It only takes seconds but it makes such a difference to the condition of the green. If you repair a pitch mark badly it can actually do a lot more harm than if you had just left it alone, so it’s essential you know how to do it correctly – watch the video to check that you’re doing it right!



Did you know that you are allowed to repair a pitch mark that’s on your line?  Rule 13 outlines the actions that are allowed on the green and describes the types of damage you can repair, without penalty.  Scroll down the rule (click here) to see a short video which illustrates this.

Remember – a pitch mark that is properly repaired will only take days to recover, however a neglected one will take weeks!  Look after your course!