Since lockdown began lots of celebrities have taken to the internet to share their words of wisdom, to sing or to give on-line lessons.  The golfing world is no different, with professionals giving tips on Twitter and Facebook, however, rather than choose one of the new kids on the block I’ve stuck with one of my favourites for this week’s blog – Maureen Madill.

Like most of us, Maureen is keen to work on her short game so that when we eventually get back onto the fairways we’re ready for anything.

In this 5-minute lesson she shows us how to practise chipping one-handed, in order to concentrate on a couple of simple points.

Well, one thing’s certain – this is going to be a safer drill than last week’s pitching!  I finished 4 balls short – one trickled through the hedge into one of my neighbour’s gardens, two bounced through a different hedge and ended up rolling down a slope and onto another neighbour’s lawn, whilst I reckon the other is stuck up a chestnut tree!  I saw it disappear into the foliage but nothing dropped out!  Serves me right for being too cocky and trying some longer pitches!