After the horrendous conditions on Saturday morning I was pleasantly surprised to be playing golf in a tee shirt in the afternoon.  Although the forecast had promised warm weather and a glimpse of the Sun, I wasn’t convinced and layered up, only to be casting off layer after layer on my way round the first three holes.  With so much rain earlier in the day I was impressed with the condition of the course and it was great to see that the drainage work done on the third green during lockdown had paid off.

Obviously the rain had softened the greens, so we made more pitch marks than usual – and repaired more pitch marks than usual.  It’s a good “rule” to always repair your own pitch mark and at least one other – sometimes golfers forget, or can’t find their pitch marks!

There is a right way and a wrong way to repair your pitch mark. Do it correctly and the mark will have disappeared in a day or two.  Do it the wrong way (or, worse still, don’t bother) and your mark will still be there up to three weeks later.

Watch this short video to check that you’re doing it correctly:


The condition of our course is great, thanks to the hard work of our green keepers, however you can’t have missed the large numbers of divots on the fairways.  These have all appeared in the last five weeks, since the course reopened.  Covid-19 restrictions have meant that we can’t provide divot bags for golfers to carry round the course and that has made the situation worse.

Thankfully we haven’t any golfers like this guy:


I don’t think he would be welcome in too many clubs!!! (Surely that photo can’t be real!)

If you’re in Dungannon tonight, please help us look after our course by filling divots.