My golfing partners and I enjoy ourselves on the golf course.  We have a variety of handicaps however we all have our moments!  We’ve each hit great shots at times but we’ve also all hit horrendous ones… some more than others (mainly me!).  There’s nothing worse than playing in a competition and hitting a bad shot, only to be met by an embarrassed silence from your opponent.  There’s no danger of that with my mates on a Saturday afternoon.  A ricochet off a couple of trees is usually followed by a smart comment that has everyone chuckling, or a slice off the seventh tee with be met with something along the lines of,  “So, you just want a closer look at the men playing down the first!”  You know you’ve done something pretty spectacular when someone exclaims “I’ve never seen that before!”  We save that comment for the really horrendous shots!

Last night when I was deliberating over what to write about, I thought I’d look up the results from the Farmers Insurance to find out how Rory had got on.  Before I came across the final results I found a clip of an absolutely unreal shot from Tiger Woods. You really have to watch this – it defies the laws of physics!

This is Tiger’s second shot on the par 4 second hole.  He is 141 yards from the pin…


Somehow his new Bridgestone ball went to the bottom of the cup before coming all the way back out.  CBS golf reporter Kyle Porter said “I’ve seen golf balls hit the pin and get rejected or even dip slightly below the top of the cup on a putt or short wedge shot. But I’ve never ever seen a ball hop into the hole and hop right back out, leaving an 11-inch putt for birdie (which Woods made). I suppose it had to do with the spin of the ball and the way it hit the bottom, but it seems like you could hit a million balls from that exact same spot and never replicate the feat.”

This was a spectacular shot from Tiger – it’s not a horrendous one like the shots I was talking about earlier, however this is definitely an occasion when I can say, “I’ve never seen that before!”

Footnote:  Last week I was talking about counting how many greens in regulation I hit during a round.  I’ll not tell you how many I hit on Saturday as it was very low, however I was encouraged when I read that the winner of the Farmers Insurance, Marc Leishman, could hardly find a fairway on Sunday. He hit just three of 14 fairways over the final round but somehow strung together a 7-under 65 to defeat Jon Rahm by one and Rory McIlroy and Brandt Snedeker by three.  There’s hope for me yet!