Well, golf courses up and down the Province reopened on Friday, however the weekend’s weather wasn’t great!  As I sat down to write this blog the incessant splashing of rain on the window made my mind turn to indoor practice, rather than outdoor golf, so I trawled the internet for a decent indoor putting video and came across this one by Golf Pass.  In it Martin Hall and Blair O’Neal explain “drills to keep your putting sharp when you can’t leave the house”.  Hopefully no one will be forced to stay indoors over the next few weeks, however I’m planning to stay with family for several days over the Christmas period and won’t be near the golf course, so I might just pack my putter and some balls for those occasions when I need to get my head showered!!!  Most of the other videos I previewed showed pros with fancy putting mats, holes and mirrors; I liked this one because they show how an empty coffee mug and a post-it will do the job nicely.  OK, Martin Hall uses a couple of alignment sticks but you could use a couple of golf clubs or even just put down two rows of books or magazines to create parallel lines.

i smiled when Martin started to explain the final “bonus” part of the lesson as he talks about Maureen Madill describing the two-ball putting drill that Herik Stenson practised every day at The Open Championship at Troon in 2016, which he went on to win.  You may remember that I showed you a video of Maureen demonstrating this drill a few months ago!