A couple of weeks ago I was enjoying a friendly 4 ball better ball match with my friends when I was left with a short putt to make.  We’d had great fun winding each other up as one team took the lead and then the other stole it back, so it was no surprise when my opponents failed to give me the putt.  It was a dead cert, surely, but they made me putt it, just to put me under pressure… and it worked!  I missed!  They did it again the next time my ball came up short and guess what?  I missed that too!  I honestly can’t remember the final score, but we’ve played each other many times during the summer and the scores have pretty much evened out, however I went home that evening wondering about my putting.  I put it down to pressure, but the following Tuesday I managed to miss a sitter so I knew it was time to do something about it!

I watched a couple of video lessons on You Tube, but really enjoyed this short and simple drill explained by Maureen Madill.  OK, the video is four years old, as she refers to Henrik Stenson winning The Open, but that doesn’t matter.  It’s a simple drill which will hopefully improve my putting, my competition scores and the next time Alexis makes me putt when I’m playing against her I’ll surprise her!