Surely we’ll be allowed to play golf very soon!

Now that I’ve almost finished tidying up the garden (obviously during the hours that I’m not working from home) I decided that my next project was to get my gear ready for my return to the fairways.

I cleaned my shoes and cleared out the pockets of my golf bag.  Fortunately I didn’t find any mushy bananas – just a few half-eaten cereal bars and an out of date Mars bar (which still tasted pretty good).  Of course I needed to give my golf clubs a thorough cleaning, so I went on-line to search for advice on the best way to do that.  Fortunately I discovered that I’ve been doing it the right way, all along, but if you’ve got a spare seven minutes (yes, seven minutes!) you could watch Michael Harris of Golf Monthly showing you how to do it!



For me the most remarkable thing was that he was washing his golf clubs in his bathroom!!!  When I scanned the comments I discovered that he filmed it whilst on a golfing holiday and so he’s actually in the bathroom of a Portuguese hotel!  He claims that his wife does allow him to bring his clubs inside, but he has to clean them in the utility room – sensible woman!

Anyway, whilst I was cleaning my clubs I had a look at the grips.  They’re still in good shape but I’m sure if yours are looking a bit shiny your club’s pro or golf shop will do you a good deal if you need them re-gripped,  in fact you’d be doing your pro a favour because they’ve had no income for the past eight weeks.

If you’ve read the GUI & ILGU’s protocol for the safe return to golf you’ll know that only members of golf clubs will be able to play initially, so I’d advise you to make sure that you pay your membership fees as soon as possible (if you haven’t done this already).  If you’re not currently a member of a club you should start having a look around… there may well be special offers once golf is given the go-ahead!