On Thursday, as my friends and I played our approach shots to the 17th green, we got chatting about wedges (as we’d all layed up for a variety of reasons).  That got me thinking about a video clip I’d seen a couple of years ago of Phil Mickelson messing about after one of of his practice rounds at The Open in Carnoustie.

Mickelson got a volunteer to stand two feet away from his ball. As the guy stood still with his eyes closed and hands clasped together, Phil faced him and took a mighty swing with one of his trusty wedges.  Amazingly his open-faced wedge launched the ball skyward immediately, and somehow, some way, it got vertical quickly enough to clear the visibly nervous man’s head and fall back to earth behind him, as Mickelson laughed.


By coincidence an e-mail inviting me to “Flop it like Phil” dropped into my in-box during the weekend, from those persistent people at Golf Pass.  I wasn’t able to share it with you without succumbing to their constant begging to “join up”, however I did come across this old flop shot lesson with the master himself!  It’s worth watching.