I was catching up on the day’s Twitter feed when I came across this tweet by the PGA Tour:

     Distance of putts made for Jordan Spieth:

     Round 1: 153 feet

     Round 2: 154 feet

     Round 3: 127 feet

     Round 4: 46 feet

     He finished the week 1st in SG: Putting and T8 on the leaderboard.

His stats look pretty impressive although, to be honest, I don’t know how many feet the the average Pro putts in a round, nevertheless, his were the best stats of the competition.

European golfer Paul Waring also tweeted:

     So I’ve lead the field this week in:

     Strokes gained

     Driving Strokes gained

     Approach Strokes gained


     Finished tied 18th

     Kids, if anybody says it’s not a putting competition they’re lying!

If you think about it, the putter is the club you use the most every time you play a round, so it makes sense that you need to make sure your putting is top notch if you want to be in the winners’ enclosure.

If you read golf instructional articles you’ll know that it’s vital to hit the ball with your driver’s sweet spot if you want to bomb it down the middle of the fairway, and you’ll know how important it is to play your approach shot from the sweet spot of your wedge, however, have you ever thought of your putter having a sweet spot?  It does and it’s every bit as important to consistently strike the ball with this part of your flat stick.

Here’s a short video from the Golf Channel which demonstrates that point and gives you a simple drill to get you consistently hitting the spot.

Click here to see video

So, with a couple of matchsticks,a strip of sellotape and some practice you should be hitting the sweet spot every time.