Well, thanks to the incessant rain, there hasn’t been much golf played in 2023.  Last week I introduced you to the new rules that the R&A and USPA brought in on 1st January, mostly affecting the organisation of competitions, however whilst looking for last week’s material I came across an interesting video by Hannah Holden of the National Club Golfer called “7 Rules Golfers Break.”  I’m sure most readers will be aware of the rules Hannah discusses in this video, however there are some situations that she got herself into that I hadn’t considered before, for example, walking across a bunker to see the green – to rake or not to rake?

Have a look to see which rules Hannah reckons are broken regularly.


It’s OK to ask your playing partners what clubs they’ve used if you’re just out for a casual round, and there have been times when my four-ball have decided that I can drop within a club length of a hazard because my ball can’t be found… so they’ve reckoned that it probably went into the water, however this is NOT OK if you’re playing in a competition!

Make sure you know the rules, so you don’t get penalised in a competition.