I’ve really enjoyed golf this season for a variety of reasons.  Firstly, golf allowed me to meet up with my friends (always maintaining a 2 metre gap of course) and was probably the first activity that brought some sense of normality to life as we gradually emerged from lockdown.  Also, I played a great many rounds of social golf this season. Usually I’d play in a lot of opens during the summer, however, because of the restrictions due to Covid-19, opens were few and far between, so almost all of my golf was played at my home course and most of it was social.  We’ve had some laughs over the past six months on the fairways, in the bunkers and in the rough of course, and the craic has been 90!  I felt I was playing reasonably well with the odd blip, however any time I played in a competition my score was disappointing.  I felt as if I was playing well but not scoring.  Perhaps it was my selective memory at work – maybe I only remembered the good shots and obliterated the poor ones!

My interest was piqued when this short video by Maureen Madill dropped into my in-box 10 days ago.  Maureen lives in England and was facing the prospect of not being allowed to play golf during their four-week lockdown which started on Thursday.  In the video she makes a couple of important points and provides us with thoughts to carry in our heads when we’re playing.  Not so much swing thoughts but rather mindfulness on the course.  Now, I know I talk too much on the course!  Talking on the course is not a bad thing in itself – no one is supposed to concentrate for the three to four hours it takes to play 18 holes, but I really should settle myself before I hit each shot!  Hopefully some of Maureen’s wisdom will embed itself in my brain and my playing partners will be pleasantly surprised next weekend!  You never know!!!