Whilst playing a very tight team match on Friday evening I was secretly very relieved, (truthfully, I was delighted!) to see my opponent’s ball deposit itself in the front bunker at the 8th green.  Outwardly I said, “Hard luck”, but inwardly I was cheering loudly!  Anyone who has had the misfortune of finding their ball resting near the face of this bunker will understand my opponent’s horror.  I walked over to weigh up my chip-and-run onto the green and watched out of the corner of my eye as sand flew in the air not once but twice… but there was no sign of the ball.


When I got home and checked my e-mails I found one from Maureen Madill appropriately entitled “Beat the Bunker Blues” and containing this short video.  Maureen keeps the theory pretty simple but effective.  So if, like me, you fear bunkers watch this and pick up a few tips.  Please don’t practise on the rakes at the Golf Club though!