Do you ever break the rules on the golf course?  Hopefully your answer is “No!”

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve really enjoyed playing golf this year, primarily because I played much more social golf than usual.  Usually my friends and I would head off to play in opens, as this is a low-cost way of playing other courses, however Covid-19 meant that we were only able to compete in a couple of opens.  Consequently we played much more regularly on our home course and each time we’d begin by throwing our golf balls up in the air to see who would partner whom.  We had a lot of laughs and much friendly rivalry, and because we weren’t playing in a “proper” competition it meant that we bent the rules a little.  The odd time when someone sliced her drive we’d let her have a “mulligan” (but only if we were winning!) and we wouldn’t worry about playing out of turn.  We’d also chat about club selection and whether it was a one-club or two-club wind when we were standing on the 9th tee.  That’s all very well if you’re just out for a bit of craic, but if you’re playing in a club competition it’s a totally different matter!

Golf Monthly released a video on Thursday entitled  “8 Rules Golfers Break… without realising!”  In it, Neil Tappin (what a great name for a golfer!) is joined by Jeremy Ellwood and the pair take a look at the some of the things that club golfers (and even some Pros) do during the course of 18 holes that they don’t think are a problem – but they could actually be breaking the rules. It’s worth watching this to make sure that you keep on the right side of the law the next time you play.