Saturday was a beautiful day for golf – sunny and dry.  It was a little chilly at times, but a few extra layers soon solved that problem.


Now that rakes are allowed back on the course (they were removed because of Covid-19) it means that you should have a decent lie if you have the misfortune of landing in a bunker… as long as the previous occupant has remembered to rake the sand properly!

Having rakes on the course can lead to rules queries though.  What do you do if your ball comes to rest against a rake on a slope?  The rake is a “movable obstruction” so it’s clear that you can move it out of your way, but moving the rake will cause the ball to roll down the slope… so what do you do?

Watch this short video to find out what your options are – or to check that you’ve learned the rules correctly.


What are your options if this occurs in the bunker?  They are exactly the same.