The Rub of the Green

Golf can be frustrating and we can feel that we haven’t got the rub of the green from time to time.  “If only my ball had landed one inch to the right it would have run onto the green instead of sinking into the bunker!”  “If my ball had bounced a foot closer to the green it would have rolled further instead of dying on the fringe!”  An inch here and an inch there can have a significant effect on your score.  It’s not always bad though!  At the beginning of July I was enjoying a round in Omagh with friends.  The weather was lovely and the craic was good; some shots were good, others weren’t!  One of my friends managed to slice a ball off the 8th tee – we were sure it was bound for the Drumragh River but somehow it collided with the thinnest of saplings and rebounded in the direction of the fairway!  Playing in a team event at Castlerock recently another friend sliced her drive on the aptly named “Railway” 5th hole.  She was sure it was gone for good however we watched, open-mouthed, as it flew over the white stakes, hit the railway track, bounced to an impressive height and landed in the middle of the fairway!

It’s not just us amateurs who have shots like that!  Here’s a video of some unbelievable shots from the pros: