Well, we received the news we were dreading this week, that all sports facilities including golf courses had to close from Friday 27th November for 14 days, whilst golfers in the South are getting ready for a return to the fairways in a few days’ time.  Maureen Madill’s latest video dropped into my in-box on Friday.  Although Maureen learned the game in Portstewart, she lives in England now and is looking forward to getting back onto the course this week.

In this video Maureen looks at one of the most fundamental areas in golf, posture.  Any time I’ve had a video lesson, I’m always a little surprised, because in my head I think I look like a good golfer – but the reality is different!

So, watch and listen to Maureen’s advice.  Although we can’t get out onto the golf course, we can check our posture at home.